Future of Digital Marketing in 2020

The internet age has modernized everything- from education to healthcare, to the workplace and so on. More than 4 billion of us are making use of the internet on a digital device at any given time, and this rate isn’t slowing down anytime soon (given the benefit it is generating for thousands of companies worldwide!). The most convenient and efficient way to make a mark on the world is to use digital marketing to promote your skills with the minimum initial investment. Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and often we see advertisements popping up on videos and websites. That reader is digital marketing in action- any promotion that involves the use of the internet or an electronic device is digitally marketed.

What’s wrong with handing out flyers, brochures, or putting up posters? Well, for one, you have to print them out, make sure the weather’s clear, hire people to hand them out for you, and you wouldn’t even cover a mile’s radius of effectively marketing your business. With digital marketing, you reach out to the community globally, without having to handle a whole team of workers. This mode of advertising shows immense potential and may wipe out traditional marketing methods altogether. Digital marketing is not basic advertising, either there’s a whole lot more to it.

Digital-Marketing-in-2020Upcoming Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020

  • Digital marketing can be done with anything that can be sent by one electronic device to the other. Google is probably the mastermind behind advertising, being the world’s most used search engine. It makes use of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short), where article writers and bloggers can integrate highly searched keywords into the headings and content of their websites. Having these keywords makes it easier for their content to reach the upper search results where most of the online organic traffic is present. This can help boost the views a site gets, where website owners mostly have paid advertisements running, generating a steady cash influx with each click they get. Neat, isn’t it?


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), on the other hand, ensures you get the most viewed place in the search results- right at the top! This requires a bit of initial investment, however, as you’re paying Google to get your views on your site. This type of digital marketing has a small icon saying ‘ad’ on the upper left corner of your website in the search results bar. Next comes something we’re all exposed to Social Media Marketing (SMM). We can’t live without our beloved Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat accounts, can we? Digital marketers realize how immensely addicted we are and use this to their advantage.


  • Affiliate Marketing involves hiring a real-live social media influencer to help promote an online business. Influencers these days have a cult-like following that aspires to be like them and will make sure to support their ideals in every way possible. Affiliate marketers gain a commission for every purchase that is made through the links promoted on their social media handles, giving companies the exposure they need and the social media influencer a mode of passive income. It is a win-win situation!


  • Other forms of digital marketing have been there before the rise of social media. Email Marketing is used by millions of companies and websites as it is an efficient, instant way to get people to know who you are and what you stand for. Automated email services are quite trendy nowadays, as they efficiently send and respond to emails while you can spend your time and energy on more profitable investments. The same goes for Automated messaging on social media or local text messaging. It’s impressive how artificial intelligence has carved a path to success for those with a strategic brain. Just imagine how much more could be achieved by 2020!


  • Radio and television advertising also come under digital marketing strategies (surprise, surprise!). It makes you realize how unaware we were about the practical use of media in general. Radio advertising may seem like an outdated version of advertising, but in reality, many local companies and music producers still find radio channels to be quite profitable to their businesses. Having an FM radio channel can be an easy way to gain passive income because you’re getting paid for ad rolls that you don’t need to monitor all day. It’s almost like a money generating machine.


  • Television advertising is the grandfather of it all. It all started when we saw mobile phone advertisements on our box-shaped TVs. It sent thousands of people out to hit franchises, to get the portable communication device that has been undergoing further development over all these decades. This development has escalated to a point where nobody can stay connected without a mobile device. The world reverberates with the foreshocks of a whole new era of internet explosion- with new opportunities for companies that make strategic use of digital marketing at this very point in time. Better throw the bait while it’s still fresh!

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